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In order to experience the flexibility of deployment and witness the vast capabilities of StreetNode, we can offer you a sample network design for a country of your preference.

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PtMP for Small Cell Backhaul

The all-new StreetNode™ is a breakthrough all-outdoor product specially engineered to provide top-notch performance in SmC backhaul applications. Its highly-compact form factor - just 4 lt. volume, including the integrated auto-aligned antenna - and its special aesthetics, allow blending uniformly with street-level furniture.

StreetNode™ features software-defined radio operation, Point-to-Point (PtP) or Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP), providing a uniquely-flexible network architecture that combines:

  • City overlay, for maximizing single-link, small-cell connections.
  • In-clutter connectivity, for extending street-level coverage.

StreetNode™ operates in the 26 / 28 / 32 / 42 GHz frequency bands and can be deployed at street / curb locations and on wall surfaces or lamp posts, thus incurring much lower site costs (for leasing, power supply and maintenance).

StreetNode™ satisfies every critical aspect with regard to efficient 3G and 4G backhaul. It improves backhaul economics and elevates users' quality of experience by offering:

  • Plenty of capacity & low latency
  • Environmentally-friendly operation
  • High system availability
  • Network deployment flexibility

StreetNode™ offers higher practical usability over any other solution in the market by accelerating and facilitating SmC deployment, while minimizing the operator's investment and operational complexity.

  • Minimum spectrum OpEx through optimum frequency reuse over a single spectrum band.
  • Quick and easy street-level deployment - "all-in-one-box" system design of low weight and ultra-compact form factor.
  • Easy-to-get installation permission - StreetNode™'s external looks and small dimensions provide unobtrusive blending into the urban landscape.
  • "Zero-touch" service provisioning through advanced SON features - just plugging the power / traffic cable and StreetNode™ will automatically connect to the network within a few minutes.
  • Unlimited flexibility and scalability - StreetNode™ enables city overlay and street-level backhaul coverage in high-density areas.
  • Variety of operational frequencies(26 / 28 / 32 / 42 GHz).
  • Innovative, auto-aligned antenna - 3D alignment capability in azimuth and elevation planes.
  • Software-defined operation - utilization of different profiles allow the same system to operate either as part of a PtMP link (hub or terminal) or as part of a PtP link.
  • Ultra-compact, "everything-in-a-box" system, measuring just 250 mm x 170 mm x 120 mm (4 lt.) with integrated antenna.
  • In-clutter deployment - StreetNode™ can extend the reach of overlay backhaul network, and can serve as an autonomous backhaul network at street level.
Efficient & Accelerated SmC Backhaul
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Traditional PtMP and PtP-based backhaul architectures have limited practical value in SmC backhaul applications, as they prove to be economically inefficient by today's standards.

For instance, deploying PtP links, in order to connect all SmC locations at street level, may end to multi-hop, complex and expensive networks.

On the other hand, the exclusive use of NLOS technologies, while overcoming LOS limitations and providing deployment flexibility, are available at sub-6 GHz frequencies where resources are scarce and licences are quite expensive. Furthermore, NLOS propagation, which is based on signal reflections, can create significant interference among adjacent radio links, also reducing capacity well below the nominal value.

The software-defined radio operation (PtMP or PtP) employed by StreetNode™ introduces an optimized architecture that significantly increases the connectivity possibilities in demanding SmC backhaul applications (see Fig. 1). In-clutter extensions allow connecting all those SmCs that do not have direct LOS with the overlay PtMP hub.

One single unit - StreetNode™ - provides efficient overlay and street-level coverage, serving the vast majority of SmC locations without the need to consider alternative technologies with all their limitations.

small cell diagram

Fig. 1 StreetNode™ makes alternative solutions unnecessary when it comes to SmC backhaul in urban areas

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