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Fulfilling the WiMAX Vision!

Fulfilling the WiMAX Vision!

Today, carriers need to provide fast time-to-market broadband access to a wider consumer audience, for increasing customer base and revenue in the most cost-effective manner.

OmniMAX™ constitutes an innovative WiMAX Base Station solution designed to deliver compelling wireless broadband services to residential and business subscribers – fixed / nomadic / portable / mobile – located indoor and outdoor.

Meeting the ever-increasing demand for high-speed access, OmniMAX™ fulfills the WiMAX vision for toll-quality voice and carrier-grade broadband services, while enhancing the end-user experience.

OmniMAX™ is WiMAX Forum certified and has embraced from the very beginning the idea of open IP architecture to increase the flexibility in new services and applications development. OmniMAX™ offers operators the choice of a rich ecosystem, assured through a committed and reliable interoperability (IOT) program in CPE, ASN and CSN level. Furthermore, INTRACOM TELECOM offers the professional services required for deploying an efficient end-to-end WiMAX network.

OmniMAX™ serves subscribers that may otherwise have difficulty to access new services with current technology. Thus, it can operate in varying environments – urban, suburban and rural – effectively addressing the user requirements for reliable and affordable broadband services.

Its low cost combined with its flexibility and high performance features, makes OmniMAX™ an attractive alternative for operators needing to reduce their CapEx and deploy their networks with minimal investment risks.

OmniMAX™ is seamlessly integrated with INTRACOM TELECOM's state-of-the-art product lines for Ethernet and multi-service backhaul, namely the WiBAS™ (PtMP) and INTRALINK™ / OmniBAS™ (PtP), thus establishing a one-stop-shop framework for an end-to-end wireless access solution.

  • Leading IDU size and sector density.
  • Highly-efficient system.
  • Flexible & scalable ecosystem.

The OmniMAX™ innovative WiMAX Base Station solution brings significant benefits to all operators:

  • High sector capacity – up to three protected MIMO sectors from a single 1RU indoor unit.
  • Electrical and Optical OBSAI interface variety for unique network deployment flexibility.
  • Low power consumption – energy efficient and environmentally-friendly solution.
  • High output power and superior radio performance.
  • Advanced multiple antenna technology (MIMO) for delivering higher bandwidth and link robustness at the lowest possible cost.
  • Space-saving and lightweight for easy installation; one-man lift outdoor unit.
  • Multiple redundancy options for partial or full system protection.
  • Operation at very hot climates.
  • Software-implemented MAC and PHY – future upgradeable (keeping existing hardware).
  • Rich ecosystem both in the ASN and CSN network components.

OmniMAX™ enables the provisioning of multiple services to meet the specific needs and requirements of both residential and corporate subscribers:

Residential Fixed & Mobile Broadband Access Services

OmniMAX™ serves subscribers requiring high-speed connection to the Internet, e-mail and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony services. Furthermore, the same OmniMAX™ network can serve subscribers needing access to broadband applications through their handheld / portable WiMAX devices (such as mobile phones, PDAs, laptop computers, etc.).

Corporate Services & Private Networks

OmniMAX™ can be the cornerstone for operators wishing to offer corporate services to SOHOs, SMEs, as well as large corporations with requirements for secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) over Ethernet or IP networks. Explicitly, OmniMAX™ perfectly fits the following applications:

Vertical Applications

Surveillance, public safety, connectivity to remote devices, inventory tracking, fleet management and educational services are some of the vertical applications the OmniMAX™ solution supports with little or no incremental cost to network operators. Such applications require robust and reliable connectivity, but in most cases it would be forbiddingly expensive to build dedicated networks for supporting them. With OmniMAX™, WiMAX operators are enabled to secure new revenue streams, either by providing the service to new market segments, or by establishing wholesale relationships with service providers focusing on specific vertical markets.

Rural Connectivity

Rural connectivity, which is critical in many developing countries and underserved areas of developed countries, with little or no infrastructure, delivers much-needed voice telephony and Internet service. By offering extended coverage, OmniMAX™ becomes a much less costly alternative than wired solutions in areas of low population density. The OmniMAX™ Base Station, which is the major component of OmniRural™ solution, can rapidly be deployed enabling service providers to offer communication links in underserved areas. This ensures a more secure environment and helps the local economies to grow.

Served Subscribers

Within an OmniMAX™ access network, four different types of subscribers may exist:

  •  Fixed: a stationary subscriber, residential or corporate (SOHO / SME), who is always located at the same "home or office" area, for as long he/she uses the services provided by the network.
  • Nomadic: a subscriber who is stationary during an active session, but may be located at a different area (within the network), other than the "home or office" area, during the next active sessions.
  • Portable: a pedestrian subscriber who moves at low speed (up to 3 km/h), requiring "always on" connectivity independently from the environment he/she is moving.
  • Mobile: a vehicular subscriber that moves at a high speed (up to 120 km/h), requiring high-quality connectivity throughout all his/her way.
Technical Description

OmniMAX™ operates in the 2.5 GHz (2.3 - 2.7 GHz) and 3.5 GHz (3.3 - 3.8 GHz) frequency bands, and is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard and WiMAX Forum® Wave II certification.

In its basic configuration, the OmniMAX™ Base Station comprises a compact indoor unit (IDU), capable of accommodating up to three sectors, a high-power outdoor unit (ODU), one per sector, and the MIMO antennas. The IDU is offered either with optical or electrical OBSAI interfaces.

Its compact design, combined with its low power consumption and configuration flexibility, make OmniMAX™ a unique WiMAX access solution for all operators.

The OmniMAX™ IDU

IDU electricalOmniMAX™ IDU is a triple-sector Base Station indoor unit of small form factor (1RU) and standard width (19?), suitable for ETSI rack mounting. All connections are accessible from the front. It is offered in two versions, one with electrical OBSAI and one with optical OBSAI standardized IDU – ODU interfaces.

The electrical OBSAI IDU version can be connected with up to three ODUs, for implementing three MIMO 2x2 sectors. The optical OBSAI IDU version can be connected with up to six ODUs, for implementing protected ODU or enhanced AAS configurations.

IDU opticalMultiple IDUs can be mounted in the same rack and serve as a hub for lowering CapEx and OpEx costs.

The OmniMAX™ ODU

OmniMAX™ ODU is a high-power radio accommodating all its electronics in a robust, environmentally-hardened housing. It supports several advanced antenna systems, such as Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC), 2x2 MIMO-A and MIMO-B, for delivering higher bandwidth and link robustness at the lowest possible cost.

ODU sectored outdoor systemThe electrical OBSAI ODU version is connected with the IDU through a pair of coaxial links separately carrying Tx and Rx data, and multiplexed ODU control signals. These links also carry the superimposed DC power (from the IDU) required for ODU operation. The maximum length of the ODU – IDU coaxial links can be up to 200 m using high-quality coaxial cable (e.g. RG-11).

The optical OBSAI ODU version is connected with the IDU through a single optical link carrying Tx / Rx data and multiplexed ODU control signals. The DC power (required for ODU operation) is carried over a separate electrical link. The maximum length of the ODU – IDU optical links is practically limited by the optical SFP modules and fiber type used.