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SmartCampaign™ Ad-Campaign Management


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Today's operators need a tool to gather subscriber-usage intelligence and create loyalty promotional and advertising campaigns.

SmartCampaign™ is INTRACOM TELECOM's platform for end-to-end campaign management and targeted advertising from creation to delivery and reporting. This platform provides a flexible framework for creating and running loyalty campaigns for prepaid and post-paid customers.

Employing an intelligent rules engine, SmartCampaign™ allows operator to define promotional campaigns, provide incentives and invite specific behavior for subscription activation, and to balance recharge and other actions by offering rewards (such as free SMSs or airtime) to complying customers.

Embedding an intelligent profiler engine, SmartCampaign™ delivers ad content with carrier-grade quality to targeted consumers, according to predefined criteria, such as service usage, preferences, etc.

SmartCampaign™ is part of the ServiceWeaver™ service suite platform for telco operators.  Any (or all) of the ServiceWeaver™ suite's components are easily integrated and become excellent supplements to any service delivery platform. The key capabilities of the ServiceWeaver™ Campaign Manager application are:

  • Web-based administration tools for use by the operator.
  • Different forms of campaigns, such as:
    • SMS
    • MMS
    • e-mail
    • Banners
    • Video
    • Voice
    • Static content
    • Interactive Content (banners, full-page advertisements).
  • Time & location-based campaigns targeted to specific subscribers.
  •  Interactive campaigns: the system supports campaigns that the subscribers can respond. The operator can select among a number of supported actions (e.g. recharging a specific amount during a certain period of time, etc.), which can be created using the ServiceWeaver™ rules engine.

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SmartCampaign™ employs a rich feature set that allows realizing successful loyalty promotional and advertising campaigns:

  • Intelligent data mining techniques for extracting useful behavioral information from consumers.
  • Web-based tools for ad content uploading and service provisioning.
  • Easy integration with external:
    • CRM and billing systems, for exchanging end-user profile data and billing information.
    • SMSCs and MMSCs.
    • Device Management System.
    • WAP Gateways.
    • Location servers and Geocoding / map engines (e.g. Google, yahoo).
  • Easy integration with mobile portals & mobile services, through xHTML / WML embedded script & high level API.
  • Flexible tariff modelling.
  • Multiple ad delivery channels: WAP, Web, USSD, SMS, MMS, mobile TV, voice – IVR.
  • Multiple ad formats: banners, messages, full-page ads, static or interactive content, video, voice, etc.
  • Multiple ad interaction options: click to order, click to download, etc.
  • Highly customized system, including features such as multi language support, black/white list, etc.
  • Detailed reporting by campaign, advertisement, time, advertised product category, area, cluster, etc.
  • Budget setting & charging monitoring throughout campaign's lifecycle.

SmartCampaign™ constitutes a powerful revenue generating tool that creates value for all involved parties:

  • Operators, offering new appealing services, increasing their revenue and building loyalty with their subscribers.
  • Brand owners, reaching millions of potential interested buyers through new promotional channels.
  • Media brokers, launching and monitoring large-scale campaigns effectively.
  • End users, receiving information that is of interest to them. End users are also awarded gifts and at the same time build confidence with their service providers.

Typical applications, which are enabled through the SmartCampaign™ platform, are described below:

Recharge Instant Lottery

After completing a specific number of recharges, the registered subscribers receive an SMS containing an x-digit alphanumeric code. Upon reception of this code, each subscriber may enter a dedicated website and insert both the MSISDN and the alphanumeric code. Depending on the lottery results, the subscriber is instantly informed whether he/she has won a prize (and which one) or not.

Loyalty & Bonus Services

Various loyalty and bonus services, such as:

  • Recharge Instant Lottery.
  • Loyalty SMS bonus / Bring a friend.
  • Free airtime / Recharge within a specific time frame.
  • Loyalty bonus for outgoing time.
  • Airtime bonus for target subscribers.

SmartRing is a totally-new advertisement channel combining the strengths of broadcasting media (radio & TV) and of mobile telephony. The ad session can be described as follows:

  1. Person "A" calls person "B".
  2. During a ringing period of 11 seconds, person "A" listens to an advertisement, or an "advertisement" jingle, until person "B" answers the call.
Zero-balance Campaign

Loyalty campaigns for approaching users who haven't topped-up for x days, after their balance has reached a specific threshold.

Rewarding Scheme for Renewal Top-up

Rewarding campaigns targeted to prepaid subscribers. Such campaigns are based on top-up activity within a specific time frame.

Advertisements for fs|cdn™

SmartCampaign™ provides innovative targeted and location-based advertising and marketing services for fs|cdn™, the INTRACOM TELECOM's IPTV & multi-play services platform, through:

  • Image banners.
  • Extended advertisements combining text and images by "clicking" on an image banner.
  • Video advertisements for Video on Demand (VoD) service.
Technical Description

SmartCampaignTM is a solution for innovative targeted and location-based marketing and advertising services. It can take advantage of the user profiles and current context data (such as location) to deliver the advertising message directly to the most appropriate consumers.

SmartCampaignTM supports both WAP / WEB-based advertisements in any form (text, image banner, audio, video, etc.). In addition, advertisements can also be interactive (e.g. click-to-call) and message-based (SMS, MMS, e-mail).

SmartCampaignTM is shipped with the following components:

Component Use
Campaign Manager Creating, modifying, monitoring and reviewing ad campaigns. Also, planning campaign scenarios and previewing total cost with respect to budget.
System Admin Tool Managing accounts, profiles, ad booking requests and defining all system assets, as well as ad   delivery channels.
Content Manager Uploading ad content through   the web, associating it with metadata and creating ads.
Pricing & Billing   Manager Modeling tariffs, collecting billing data (CDR) and generating appropriate billing reports.
Access Control Manager Applying Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to all system users.
Booking Manager Allocating system assets (such as ads, ad space, locations, clusters, etc.) to campaigns. Also, defining time periods, ad priorities & type of interaction (in case of interactive   ads).
Consumer Profile Manager Exploiting consumer data (imported from CRM systems or collected and processed during system usage) for optimum targeting and high campaign performance.
Bulk Provisioning Tool Performing mass user subscriptions / unsubscriptions, pushing campaigns, as well as massively inserting corporate profiles, ad content, locations and time periods.
Corporate Admin Tool Assigning specific roles to persons involved with corporate campaigns (only for media brokers). Also, managing consumer interactions (in case of interactive ads) and defining new assets (clusters, locations, recipient lists, time periods, etc.) when required.
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