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ServiceWeaver™ Services Platform & Application


Facilitating New Services Realization!

Today, operators need technologies that will allow them to easily cope with the network changes and to rapidly deploy new profitable services.

ServiceWeaver™ is a Value-Added Service (VAS) creation platform, aiming at implementing SMS, USSD, IVR and broadband services, also addressing OSS / BSS integration issues.

ServiceWeaver™ assists operators to cope with the rapid changes in the mobile and fixed telecommunications market, preserving their existing hardware and software investments, facilitating integration of new and legacy systems, and enabling the creation of VAS services in very short time-to-market deadlines.

ServiceWeaver™ leverages the best of today's distributed and state-of-the-art technologies, thus reducing the integration and new development project investments.

A ServiceWeaver™ VAS application incorporates business logic and provides the pattern and execution sequence for servicing an incoming request from any client, within a diverse environment.


The most important features of ServiceWeaver™ platform include:

  • Short VAS deployment time allows operators beat the competition and be the first to launch new innovative and exciting applications.
  • The existing service logic is easily customized to keep track of the fast-changing marketing requirements.
  • Single platform can run numerous services for reduced OpEx and administration complexity.
  • System scalability and license flexibility – basic platform comes free of charge.
  • Highly-sophisticated architecture:
    • High-throughput performance.
    • Low-latency responses.
    • Best-of-breed open source technologies.
    • No single point of failure (Active – Active configuration).
    • Adaptable request load.
    • QoS
    • Java SDK.
    • Intelligent request routing technology for managing traffic and protocols from and to all external systems.
    • Web-based rules SDK, for adding intelligence and adaptability to changes to all deployed VAS services.
  • Centralized system management and monitoring.
  • Hot deployment feature allows new services to run live without downtime.

The ServiceWeaver™ platform enables telecom operators and ISPs to rapidly develop profitable SOA-based solutions and VAS applications.

Typical applications and solutions, which have been implemented with the ServiceWeaver™ platform, include:

  • ActionRuler™, the INTRACOM TELECOM's state-of-the-art Policy Control & Management solution.
  • iRBT Ring-Back Tone Service – application for color Ring-Back Tone offering a full set of features out-of-the-box.
  • Bulk2SMS – enterprise solution for massively sending short messages to customers.
  • Self-Care & Provisioning Services – over fifty SMS / USSD / Web services available for prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
  • Notify Me – application for notifying caller (A) for callee (B) availability.
  • Roamer's Call Back – application for making cheap calls while roaming.
  • USSD Portal – application for designing and deploying USSD portals with browsing menus.
  • Mobile Portal – application for designing and deploying mobile portals.
  • Report Services – for collecting data (CDRs, EDRs, logs, etc.) from any source and designing reports.
  • Call Me Back – application through which zero-balance prepaid subscribers can notify others to call them.
Technical Description

ServiceWeaver™ is a powerful J2EE-compliant application and service delivery server that can be used for applications creation and integration projects.

ServiceWeaver™ is a middleware, layered between an operator's network elements (SMSCs, MMSCs, WAP Gateways, IVRs, etc.) and IT infrastructure (billing, customer care, etc.).

The ServiceWeaver™'s logical architecture and components are shown and described below:

ServiceWeaverTM's logical architecture and components

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