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Focus on Customer!

In today's demanding and continuously-evolving business environment, Contact Centers have become focal points for the collection of all customer service data and information related to an organization's customer base.

As an essential part of the customer care environment, Contact Centers present an increasing scope beyond the ordinary functions of marketing and support to include integrated services such as Advanced Customer Care, Telemarketing, Technical Support, Automated Self-Service, Customer Retention, Debt Collection, etc. Consequently, organizations face the challenge of delivering consistent levels of customer service through Quality Indicator Agreements, regardless of the channel of communication utilized or their customers' locations. Moreover, organizations are increasingly interested in adapting the capability to focus on better, differentiated customer services and on increasing the value of their customer relationships through the cross-selling of additional products or services.

There is also a growing need to gain insights from all customer interactions and turn them into an exceptionally-valuable source of decision-support information. By obtaining accurate and timely information from customers, investigating specific occurrences, and by understanding customers' intentions, better-informed business decisions can be made.

On this challenge, INTRACOM TELECOM responds with a proven, carrier-class portfolio of Contact Center solutions providing a clear view on how to increase the quality of customer service and create exceptional customer loyalty through a customer-centric approach. Additionally with a state-of-the-art portfolio of voice / video recording / workforce optimization solutions, enabling businesses to:

  • Capture multimedia interactions and the information related to them from all relevant sources.
  • Analyze the captured content and CTI raw data to understand the customer experience, examine customer responses, analyze Contact Center agents overall performance, extract information from agent screens, and use coaching applications to train Call Center agents on an ongoing basis.
  • Present the analyzed results in the most efficient attractive manner, to allow quick and efficient decision making by means of state-of-the-art graphic user interfaces, advanced visualization tools, the ability to drill down and playback recorded interactions, and advanced reporting tools.

Since the strategic partnership with GENESYS & Partners in 1997, INTRACOM TELECOM has been given the "Best Partner" award twice, in 2003 and 2007, for its successful long-term collaboration in the broader ECEMEA region and for its commitment for excellence.

INTRACOM TELECOM has also a proven record of successful recording solutions deployments for major telecom operators, banking & financial organizations in Greece and The Balkans. The company has also moved beyond the plain offering of a Call Center solution implementation and integration, and provides highly-valued consultancy services to its customers through a powerful team of skilled and experienced professionals. The offered state-of-the-art solutions and associated services, which aim at diverse operational and business environments, realize the importance of human resource practices and involved technologies in creating high-performance Contact Centers.


The most important characteristics of the fs|cdn™ platform are listed below:

Full customization & localization capabilities

With minor re-engineering and development, fs|cdn™ can quickly adapt to operator's specific needs and requirements. Its customizable user interface opens up new revenue opportunities through co-branding and personalization, aiming at serving the local market needs.

Scalable & cost-effective offering

fs|cdn™ is a fully-scalable, future-proof solution, allowing service providers to build their IPTV delivery network according to their initial needs, and gradually expanding it on a pay-as you grow model.

Integrated end-to-end solution

fs|cdn™ incorporates everything required for delivering IPTV and multi-play services. The inherent capabilities for centralized monitoring and management of the fs|cdn™ elements, content assets and system users, enable operators to control all parameters from a single unified interface. The total offering is coupled with outstanding business and technical services.

Evolving product cycle & in-house expertise

In response to the demanding and fast-moving market, fs|cdn™ continuously introduces new features and functionality.

Open-concept platform

The openness of fs|cdn™ allows to seamlessly integrate IPTV and value-added interactive services into the operator's back-office OSS / BSS and external Over-The-Top (OTT) content systems, through a rich set of available APIs.


In collaboration with GENESYS & Partners, INTRACOM TELECOM is dedicated to exploiting the latest information and insight toward the delivery of world-class customer service to multiple business sectors and organizations of any size:

  • Telecommunication Operators.
  • Service Providers.
  • Financial & Banking Institutions.
  • Education.
  • Public Sector.
  • Health & Pharmaceuticals.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Utility Companies.
Technical Description
Contact Centers Solutions

Designed to reduce customer frustration, the GENESYS Customer Unified Management Suite (see schematic below) enables real-time interaction, as well as sophisticated routing and reporting of customer interactions across voice, e-mail, and Web channels. This suite ensures that customers are quickly connected to the best available resource – the first time.

Contact Center Solutions diagram

Businesses are enabled to deliver customer service across any network and any site, leveraging investments and existing infrastructure. The offered solutions are based on open standards, and can quickly be integrated with leading CRM applications to ensure effective enterprise applications integration and better use of customer information for personalized service.

Recording Solutions

Organizations need to become more flexible and more efficient to meet today's challenges:

  • Business environment changes dynamically and rapidly.
  • Customers become increasingly demanding.
  • Multiple communication channels exist.
  • Operations get more complex, involving distributed locations, at-home agents and outsourced service units.
  • In many cases, business systems are disparate and data is siloed.

INTRACOM TELECOM enables the management of employees, business operations and the enterprise in a coordinated, holistic approach, by:

  • Simplifying the complexities of the Contact Center environment.
  • Allowing people to focus on actions that generate business impact and drive results.
  • Aligning people and processes toward the same objectives.

The result is improved business operations and facilitated decision making, obtaining insight into customer and market dynamics and promoting proactive business management.

The offered Recording / Workforce Optimization / Business solutions implement a wide range of advanced capabilities for Contact Center management. These capabilities are combined within an open framework that is based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and are integrated within a field-proven, structured service and business consulting methodology.

The service methodology from INTRACOM TELECOM combines domain expertise with industry best practices and benchmarks. Utilizing a structured process of discovery, analysis, recommendation and implementation, organizations are enabled to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business goals and results.

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